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We are Port Adelaide

As Australia’s most successful Football Club with 37 Premierships, in 148 years we have shared some great times together with all of our people. But, in that same time, we’ve also shared a lot of heartbreaks together. And whilst for others it may just be sport, for us, the Port Adelaide Football Club, it’s a way of life.

Through glory or pain, being a part of the Port Adelaide Football Club family means a lot. It always has and it always will.



11 home games for only the price of 6

Our 11-game General Admission membership is great value for money, and the cheapest way to experience a full season of AFL in Adelaide at Adelaide Oval, the home of the Port Adelaide Football Club. Rated and renowned for having the best game day experience in Australian sport, there’s no better way to spend your time with 40,000+ other True Believers.


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