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Seat Change Requests

Transfer your seat to another person

If you have renewed your reserved seat or Essential Power membership, but wish to transfer ownership to someone else, you can transfer it to another person you know by completing a 2017 Seat Transfer form.

Seat Transfer forms need to be completed and returned to or PO Box 199, Port Adelaide SA 5015 with new payment details by Friday 16 December, 2016.


Request changes to your Reserved Seat or Essential Power membership

The cut-off to submit a Seat Change Request for a Reserved Seat or Essential Power membership was Fri 16 Dec therefore submissions have now closed.


Members who have submitted a Seat Change Request will receive a confirmation of receipt by email in late December 2016.


In late January, the club will know which seats have become available and will communicate with members via email in the first instance to let you know whether or not your request may be able to be accommodated. If potential suitable option(s) arise you will be contacted by phone to discuss completing the change.


Please be aware that due to reserved seats being fully allocated in 2016, we will not be able to accommodate all requests




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